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SKU 24 755 141-S

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Brand Kohler Item Dimensions LxWxH 5.5 x 4.5 x 5.5 inches Style Modern Closure Type Twist On Includes (1) 24755141-S Valve Cover Kit. New, Bulk Packed. Genuine OEM Kohler Replacement Part. Consult owners manual for proper part number identification and proper installation. Please refer to list for compatibility. Includes (1) 24755141-S Valve Cover KitNew, Bulk PackedGenuine OEM Kohler Replacement Part Consult owners manual for proper part number identification and proper installationPlease refer to list for compatibilityCompatible with the Following:Kohler: CH20-64520, CH20-64521, CH20-64522, CH20-64523, CH20-64524, CH20-64525, CH20-64526, CH20-64527, CH20-64528, CH20-64529, CH20-64530, CH20-64531, CH20-64532, CH20-64533, CH20-64535, CH20-64536, CH20-64537, CH20-64538, CH20-64539, CH20-64540, CH20-64541, CH20-64542, CH20-64543, CH20-64544, CH20-64545, CH20-64546, CH20-64547, CH20-64548, CH20-64549, CH20-64550, CH20-64551, CH20-64554, CH20-64555, CH20-64556, CH20-64558, CH20-64559, CH20-64560, CH20-64564, CH20-64565, CH20-64566, CH20-64567, CH20-64585, CH20-64588, CH20-64590, CH20-64593, CH20-64594, CH20-64595, CH20-64596, CH20-64598, CH20-64608, CH20-64609, CH20-64613, CH18-62500, CH18-62501, CH18-62502, CH18-62503, CH18-62504, CH18-62505, CH18-62506, CH18-62507, CH18-62509, CH18-62510, CH18-62511, CH18-62512, CH18-62513, CH18-62514, CH18-62515, CH18-62516, CH18-62517, CH18-62519, CH18-62520, CH18-62521, CH18-62522, CH18-62523, CH18-62524, CH18-62525, CH18-62526, CH18-62527, CH18-62528, CH18-62530, CH18-62532, CH18-62533, CH18-62534, CH18-62535, CH18-62536, CH18-62538, CH18-62540, CH18-62541, CH18-62542, CH18-62544, CH18-62545, CH18-62547, CH18-62548, CH18-62549, CH18-62550, CH18-62551, CH18-62553, CH18-62554, CH18-62556, CH18-62558, CH18-62559, CH18-62560, CH18-62561, CH18-62562, CH18-62563, CH18-62564, CH18-62565, CH18-62569, CH18-62570, CH18-62572, CH18-62587, CH18-62588, CH18-62590, CH18-62591, CH18-62592, CH18-62593, CH18-62594, CH18-62595, CH18GS-62608, CH18GS-62628, CH18GS-62629, CH18GST-62597, CH18GST-62612, CH18PS-62630, CH18QS-62576, CH18S-62546, CH18S-62557, CH18S-62566, CH18S-62567, CH18S-62571, CH18S-62574, CH18S-62575, CH18S-62577, CH18S-62579, CH18S-62580, CH18S-62581, CH18S-62582, CH18S-62583, CH18S-62584, CH18S-62596, CH18S-62599, CH18S-62601, CH18S-62603, Product Dimensions 5.5 x 4.5 x 5.5 inches Manufacturer Kohler ASIN B07GC97G98 Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No
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