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Your One-Stop Outdoor Power Equipment Service Center


Find us at 13800 SW 142nd Ave, Miami, FL 33186, conveniently situated close to the Tamiami Airport.

Our Premier Services Include:

  • Oil & Lube: To extend the life and enhance the performance of your equipment, we offer professional oil changes and lubrication services. Regular maintenance is the heartbeat of reliable equipment.

  • Tune-Ups: Keep your machines running smoothly with our comprehensive tune-up services. We meticulously inspect and adjust spark plugs, carburetors, filters, and more for optimal performance.

  • Warranty Repairs: Encountering an issue with your equipment under warranty? Bring it to us, and we'll handle the necessary repairs at no extra cost to you, keeping your investment secure.

  • Chain & Blade Sharpening: Dull blades and chains can hinder your equipment's efficiency. Our expert sharpening services ensure your chainsaws and lawnmowers cut with precision.

  • Factory Maintenance Interval Checks: Regular checks at factory-recommended intervals are key to longevity. We proactively inspect and maintain your equipment, spotting potential issues early on.

  • Performance Modifications: Looking for that extra edge? Our technicians can boost your equipment's performance with modifications and upgrades, giving you the power you need.

  • Engine Overhauls: When your engine needs more than just a quick fix, our engine overhaul services come to the rescue. We disassemble, inspect, replace parts, and reassemble, rejuvenating your machine's heart.

  • Tire Replacements: Don't let worn tires slow you down. We provide quick and efficient tire replacements for lawn tractors, utility vehicles, and more, ensuring you have the traction you need for safety and performance.

  • Major Machine Overhauls: For extensive repairs beyond the engine, our team is equipped to overhaul your equipment, meticulously working to replace or repair necessary components.

  • Hydraulics Terminal Crimp: Secure and precise hydraulics are vital. Our specialized crimping services ensure your equipment's hydraulic systems are reliable and ready for any pressure.

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Service Fees


  • Manufacturer Defects
  • Recalls/Service Bulletins

Administration Fee: $49.00

For non-2M purchased equipment with warranty consideration


Labor Rate $79.00

Diesel Rate $109.00

Cancellation Fee $25.00


A Diagnostic Deposit must be submitted at the time of drop-off for all repair requests before any work can commence. This deposit will be deducted from the overall repair expenses.

Handheld & Push Equipment Diagnostic Rate $49.00 (Equal to 1/2 hour of work)

Large Equipment Diagnostic Rate $89.00 (Equal to 1 hour of work)


Storage Fee $40.00/week

Added after 14 days of completion

Delivery Fee $75.00

Up to 20 mile radius from store