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About 2M

2M Equipment: Serving South Florida Since 2007

Founded in 2007, 2M Equipment is a fully operational, family-owned equipment dealership with a notable South Florida presence. Our diverse clientele encompasses some of the region's largest nursery agricultural producers, commercial landscape management firms, construction companies, and municipal and state governments.

In the vibrant business landscape of Miami, Florida, the story of 2M unfolds as a tale of success and perseverance crafted by our founders, Dilbe Medina and Reinier Medina. What initially began as a dream fueled by Mr. Medina's vision as a Cuban immigrant has evolved into a thriving business legacy driven by a family dedicated to excellence.

The name "2M" is not just a combination of letters; it's a tribute to our founders' last names, the Medinas. This name embodies our deep-rooted family values and commitment to the heritage we've built over the years.

Dilbe Medina, a Cuban immigrant, arrived in Miami with a clear vision: to become a successful entrepreneur and contribute to the community's growth. He founded 2M in Miami in 2007, laying the foundation for a benchmark in the agriculture, construction, and industrial equipment industry.

What sets 2M in Miami apart is the unique blend of family values, unwavering commitment to quality, and exceptional customer care. Operated by the Medina family, we've retained our original essence while adapting and expanding our services.

A key to our success has been our strategic vision. Dilbe Medina didn't just establish a business; he forged a legacy that his son, Reinier Medina, continues with dedication and passion. Reinier has elevated the company to heights, expanding our presence and securing representation for renowned industry brands.

We're more than just an equipment provider; we've become a trusted partner for those in agriculture, construction, and related sectors. Our comprehensive range of services, from sales to equipment repairs and rentals, ensures our customers can access solutions that meet their business needs.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in the quality of our products and services. Our unwavering focus on customer satisfaction and cultivating long-term relationships have fueled our sustained growth and garnered customer loyalty.

Essentially, 2M in Miami isn't just a company; it's a testament to how an immigrant's dream has blossomed into a thriving business legacy. Dilbe Medina's vision has stood the test of time, and under the stewardship of Reinier, 2M in Miami continues to set industry standards, delivering quality, service, and commitment at every turn.