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SKU 24 041 88-S

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Manufacturer: Kohler, MTD, Cub Cadet Product Number: 24 041 88-S Classification: Part This is an authentic Kohler replacement part that is sourced from the original manufacturer to be used with small engines. The special gasket is used to seal the connection between the oil filter adapter and the closure plate assembly. This item is available as an individual replacement part. MTD 2260F (55AF3B7J195) Pro Walk-Behind Mower Kohler CH20-64537 Engine CH20-64553 Engine CH20-64554 Engine CH20-64567 Engine CH20-64593 Engine CH20-64594 Engine CH20-64595 Engine CH20-64596 Engine CH20-64607 Engine CH20-64608 Engine CH20-64609 Engine CH20S-64562 CH20S CH20S-64570 CH20S CH20S-64581 CH20S CH20S-64600 CH20S CH20S-64605 CH20S CH20GS-64620 CH20GS CH20GS-64633 CH20GS CH20GST-64662 CH20GST CH20QS-64622 CH20QS CH18-62587 Engine CH18-62592 Engine CH18-62593 Engine CH18GS-62602 Engine CH18GS-62608 Engine CH18GS-62628 Engine CH18GST-62597 Engine CH18GST-62612 Engine CH18PS-62630 Engine CH18S-62571 Engine CH18S-62581 Engine CH18S-62584 Engine CH18S-62599 Engine CH18S-62601 Engine CH18S-62603 Engine CH18S-62605 Engine CH18S-62606 Engine CH18S-62609 Engine CH18S-62613 Engine CH18S-62623 Engine CH18S-62626 Engine CH20-64514 Engine CH25GS-68580 Engine CH25GS-68592 Engine CH25GS-68617 Engine CH25GS-68618 Engine CH25GS-68629 Engine CH25GS-68633 Engine CH25GS-68701 Engine CH25GS-68713 Engine CH23GS-76547 Command Series Engine CH23GS-76554 Command Series Engine CH18S-62633 CH18S CH18S-62634 CH18S CH18S-62635 CH18S CH18S-62636 CH18S CH18S-62638 CH18S CH18S-62640 CH18S CH18S-62643 CH18S CH18S-62646 CH18S CH18S-62649 CH18S CH18S-62654 CH18S CH20S-64614 Engine CH20S-64619 Engine CH20S-64623 Engine CH20S-64625 Engine CH20S-64627 Engine CH20S-64629 Engine CH20S-64631 Engine CH20S-64632 Engine CH20S-64634 Engine CH20S-64635 Engine CH20S-64636 Engine CH20S-64637 Engine CH20S-64638 Engine

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