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Echo LC-56V4AAB 56V Rapid Charger

by echo

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Product Description:

Introducing the Echo LC-56V4AAB 56V Rapid Charger - a high-performance charger designed to supercharge your ECHO eFORCE 56V Lithium-Ion batteries. This rapid charger boasts several features that make it an indispensable addition to your tool collection.

Key Features:

  • Lightning-Fast Charging: The Echo LC-56V4AAB Rapid Charger lives up to its name, charging your batteries a remarkable 2 times faster than the standard ECHO eFORCE 56V charger. This means less downtime and more time working.

  • Battery Charging Status: Stay informed about your battery's charging status with ease, thanks to the on-board LED diagnostics. You'll always know when your batteries are ready for action.

  • Compact Design: The charger's compact design not only saves space but also offers the convenience of wall mounting. Install it in your tool shop or trailer for quick and accessible battery charging.


The Echo LC-56V4AAB Rapid Charger is compatible with all ECHO 56V Lithium-Ion tools and batteries, ensuring seamless integration into your existing equipment lineup.


  • Cord Length: The 6 ft. cord length provides flexibility in positioning the charger while ensuring it can reach your power source.

With the Echo LC-56V4AAB 56V Rapid Charger, you'll have the advantage of rapid, efficient charging for your ECHO eFORCE 56V Lithium-Ion batteries, reducing downtime and keeping your tools powered for longer durations.

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