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by Briggs
SKU 84004837

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*This part replaces obsolete part #: 594746 ((20 Amp) Used After Code Date 15011800), 691573, 847385 and 691573 (Used Before Code Date 15110200). Compatibility This part is compatible with the following machines: Briggs and Stratton 294447-1155-A1 Engine 294447-1155-E1 Engine 294447-1261-E1 Engine 295347-0178-F1 Engine 295347-0195-F1 Engine 295447-0141-E1 Engine 295447-0148-E1 Engine 295447-0148-G1 Engine 303447-1041-A1 Engine 303447-1057-E1 Engine 305447-0119-E1 Engine 305447-0119-G1 Engine 305447-0135-E1 Engine 305447-0135-G1 Engine 305447-0139-E1 Engine 305447-0139-E2 Engine 305447-0139-G1 Engine 305447-0139-G2 Engine 305447-0147-E1 Engine 305447-0147-G1 Engine 305447-0155-E1 Engine 305447-0155-G1 Engine 305447-0177-B1 Engine 305447-0177-E1 Engine 305447-0177-E9 Engine 305447-0180-B1 Engine 305447-0180-E1 Engine 305447-0180-E9 Engine 305447-0181-E1 Engine 305447-0181-G1 Engine 305447-0184-E1 Engine 305447-0184-G1 Engine 305447-0186-E1 Engine 305447-0186-G1 Engine 305447-0205-E1 Engine 305447-0205-G1 Engine 305447-0239-B1 Engine 305447-0240-G1 Engine 305447-0243-G1 Engine 305447-0244-G1 Engine 305447-0253-G1 Engine 305447-0262-G1 Engine 305447-0271-F1 Engine 305447-0279-F1 Engine 305447-0280-F1 Engine 305447-0286-G1 Engine 305447-0289-G1 Engine 305447-0298-G1 Engine 305447-0303-G1 Engine 305447-1135-G1 Engine 305447-1139-G2 Engine 305447-1181-G1 Engine 305447-1186-G1 Engine 305447-1205-G1 Engine 305447-1244-G1 Engine 305447-1253-G1 Engine 350447-1009-A1 Engine 350447-1009-E1 Engine 350447-1009-E2 Engine 350447-1009-E9 Engine 350447-1012-A1 Engine 350447-1012-E1 Engine 350447-1028-A1 Engine 350447-1029-E1 Engine 350447-1057-E1 Engine 350447-1108-E1 Engine 350447-1241-E1 Engine 350447-1241-E3 Engine 350447-1264-E1 Engine 350447-1276-E1 Engine 350447-1282-E1 Engine 350447-1288-E1 Engine 350447-1288-E9 Engine 350447-1299-E1 Engine 44677A-0201-E1 Engine 44677A-0201-E2 Engine 44677A-0202-E1 Engine 44677A-0202-E2 Engine 472177-0100-E1 Engine 473177-0100-E1 Engine 473177-0111-E1 Engine 473177-0112-E1 Engine 473177-0114-E1 Engine 474177-0100-E1 Engine 474177-0112-E1 Engine 541777-0110-E1 Engine 541777-1110-E1 Engine 542777-0113-E1 Engine 542777-1113-E1 Engine 540477-0110-E1 Engine 540477-0112-E1 Engine 540477-0112-G1 Engine 540477-0113-G1 Engine 540477-0116-G1 Engine 540477-0117-G1 Engine 540477-1116-G1 Engine 543277-0078-E1 Engine 543277-0100-E1 Engine 543277-0112-01 Engine 543277-0112-E1 Engine 543277-0115-E1 Engine 543277-0117-E1 Engine 541477-0100-E1 Engine 541477-0111-E1 Engine 541477-0112-E1 Engine 541477-0113-E1 Engine 541477-0114-E1 Engine 541477-0115-E1 Engine 541477-0117-E1 Engine 541477-0118-E1 Engine 541477-0120-E1 Engine 541477-0121-E1 Engine 541477-0124-E1 Engine 541477-0125-E1 Engine 541477-0126-E1 Engine 541477-1112-E1 Engine 541477-1113-E1 Engine 541477-1115-E1 Engine 541477-1120-E1 Engine 541477-1127-E1 Engine 541477-1129-E1 Engine 542477-0100-E1 Engine 542477-0110-E1 Engine 542477-0111-E1 Engine 542477-0112-E1 Engine 542477-0113-E1 Engine 542477-0114-E1 Engine 542477-0115-E1 Engine 542477-0116-E1 Engine 542477-0118-E1 Engine 542477-0120-E1 Engine 542477-0121-E1 Engine 542477-0122-E1 Engine 542477-0123-E1 Engine 542477-0124-E1 Engine 542477-0125-E1 Engine 542477-0127-E1 Engine 542477-0128-E1 Engine 542477-1120-E1 Engine 542477-1121-E1 Engine 542477-1125-E1 Engine 542477-1127-E1 Engine 543477-0048-E1 Engine 543477-0065-E1 Engine 543477-0076-E1 Engine 543477-0078-E1 Engine 543477-0079-E1 Engine 543477-0100-E1 Engine 543477-0110-E1 Engine 543477-0111-E1 Engine

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