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SKU 25 032 06-S
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Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (Oem) Part; Compatible Brands: Kohler Wait Until The Engine Is Cool Before Installing This Part OEM Oil Seal May not include original package At OMB Warehouse, we strive to provide the greatest selection and quality of parts for your outdoor power equipment.Need other parts to complete your project? Check out our huge catalog - we have what you need.This part also replaces 52-032-08-S.Fits the following Kohler Engines:K482-35129 EngineK482-35139 EngineK482-35142 EngineK482-35144 EngineK482-35145 EngineK482-35147 EngineK482-35148 EngineK482-35153 EngineK482-35154 EngineK482-35157 EngineK482-35159 EngineK482-35162 EngineK482-35164 EngineK482-35166 EngineK482-35167 EngineK482-35230 EngineK482-35240 EngineK482-35244 EngineK482-9000A EngineK482-9000B EngineK482-9002A EngineK482-9002B EngineK482-9003A EngineK482-9003B EngineK482-9004A EngineK482-9004B EngineK482-9005A EngineK482-9005B EngineK482-9006B EngineK482-9007A EngineK482-9007B EngineK482-9008A EngineK482-9008B EngineK482-9009A EngineK482-9009B EngineK482-90100B EngineK482-90101B EngineK482-90102B EngineK482-90103B EngineK482-90104B EngineK482-90105B EngineK482-90106B EngineK482-90107B EngineK482-90108B EngineK482-90109B EngineK482-9010A EngineK482-9010B EngineK482-90110B EngineK482-90111B EngineK482-90112B EngineK482-90113B EngineK482-90114B EngineK482-90115B EngineK482-90116B EngineK482-90117B EngineK482-90118B EngineK482-90119B EngineK482-9011A EngineK482-90120B EngineK482-90121B EngineK482-90122B EngineK482-90123B EngineK482-90124B EngineK482-90125B EngineK482-90126B EngineK482-90127B EngineK482-90128B EngineK482-90129B EngineK482-90130B EngineK482-90131B EngineK482-90132B EngineK482-90133B EngineK482-90134B EngineK482-90135B EngineK482-90136B EngineK482-90137B EngineK482-90138B EngineK482-90139B EngineK482-9013A EngineK482-9013B EngineK482-90140B EngineK482-90141B EngineK482-90142B EngineK482-90143B EngineK482-90144B EngineK482-90145B EngineK482-90146B EngineK482-90147B EngineK482-90148B EngineK482-90149B EngineK482-9014A EngineK482-9014B EngineK482-90150B EngineK482-90151B EngineK482-90152B EngineK482-90153B Package Dimensions 7.24 x 4.21 x 1.5 inches Manufacturer Kohler ASIN B000P7QZ8O Item model number 25 032 06-S National Stock Number 5330-01-613-8413

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