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Fits models:

BRD-2620, BRD-280, CS-4510, ES-230, ES-231, GT-230, HC-155, HC-165, HC-185, HC-225, HC-235, HC-245, HCA-260, HCA-266, PAS-230, PAS-231, PAS-260, PAS-261, PAS-2620, PAS-265, PB-230LN, PB-231LN, PB-260L, PB-265L, PB-580H, PB-580T, PB-650, PB-751T, PB-755, PB-755H, PB-760LNT, PB-770H, PB-8010H, PB-8010T, PE-230, PE-260, PE-2601, PE-261, PE-2620, PE-2620S, PE-265, PPT-266, PPT-280, SRM-2620U, SRM-265, SRM-266, SRM-266U, SRM-270, SRM-270U, SRM-280, SRM-280T, SRM-280U, SRM-3020T, SRM-3020U, SRM-360SL, SRM-400

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