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Compatible with:

  • Kawasaki FH451V AS01, FH451V AS02, FH451V AS03, FH451V AS04, FH451V BS04, FH451V CS01, FH451V CS02, FH451V CS03, FH451V CS04, FH451V AS05, FH451V DS05, FH451V AS06, FH451V AS07, FH451V AS08, FH451V AS09, FH451V AS10, FH451V BS10, FH451V AS11, FH451V BS11, FH451V AS12, FH451V BS12, FH451V AS13, FH451V CS13, FH451V AS14, FH451V AS15, FH451V BS15, FH451V AS16, FH451V BS16, FH451V AS17, FH451V DS17, FH451V AS18, FH451V CS18, FH451V AS19, FH451V AS20, FH451V BS20, FH451V CS20, FH451V AS50, FH451V BS50
  • Kawasaki FH500V AS00, FH500V BS00, FH500V AS01, FH500V BS01, FH500V AS02, FH500V BS02, FH500V AS03, FH500V AS04, FH500V AS05, FH500V AS06, FH500V AS07, FH500V AS08, FH500V AS09, FH500V AS10, FH500V AS12, FH500V AS13, FH500V AS14, FH500V AS15, FH500V AS16, FH500V AS17, FH500V AS18, FH500V AS19, FH500V AS20, FH500V AS21, FH500V AS23, FH500V AS24, FH500V AS25, FH500V AS26, FH500V AS27, FH500V AS29, FH500V AS30, FH500V AS31, FH500V AS33, FH500V AS35, FH500V AS36, FH500V BS03, FH500V BS04, FH500V BS06, FH500V BS09, FH500V BS10, FH500V BS14, FH500V BS15, FH500V BS20, FH500V BS24, FH500V BS31, FH500V BS36, FH500V CS10, FH500V CS14, FH500V DS10, FH500V DS31, FH500V ES04, FH500V ES10, FH500V ES36, FH500V FS10, FH500V HS10, FH500V-AS38, FH500V-AS39, FH500V-AS40, FH500V-AS42, FH500V-AS43, FH500V-BS43, FH500V-CS43
  • Kawasaki FH531V-AS01, FH531V-AS05, FH531V-AS06, FH531V-AS07, FH531V-AS08, FH531V-AS10, FH531V-AS11, FH531V-AS50, FH531V-BS05, FH531V-BS06, FH531V-BS07, FH531V-BS08, FH531V-BS50, FH531V-CS07, FH531V-CS50, FH531V-DS50, FH531V-ES50, FH531V-FS50
  • Kawasaki FH541V-AS04, FH541V-AS05, FH541V-AS06, FH541V-AS07, FH541V-AS10, FH541V-BS04, FH541V-BS05, FH541V-BS06, FH541V-BS07, FH541V-BS10, FH541V-CS01, FH541V-CS05, FH541V-CS06, FH541V-DS01, FH541V-DS04, FH541V-DS05, FH541V-DS06, FH541V-ES04, FH541V AS42, FH541V AS50, FH541V BS50, FH541V CS50, FH541V AS51, FH541V AS53, FH541V AW00, FH541V BW00, FH541V CW04
  • Kawasaki FH580V CS01, FH580V CS02, FH580V CS03, FH580V AS06, FH580V BS06, FH580V CS05, FH580V DS05, FH580V AS07, FH580V BS07, FH580V CS06, FH580V DS06, FH580V ES06, FH580V CS07, FH580V DS07, FH580V ES07, FH580V AS09, FH580V BS09, FH580V CS09, FH580V DS09, FH580V AS11, FH580V BS11, FH580V CS11, FH580V DS11, FH580V AS12, FH580V BS12, FH580V CS12, FH580V DS12, FH580V AS13, FH580V BS13, FH580V CS13, FH580V DS13, FH580V ES13, FH580V AS14, FH580V BS14, FH580V CS14, FH580V DS14, FH580V ES14, FH580V AS15, FH580V BS15, FH580V CS15, FH580V DS15, FH580V ES15, FH580V AS16, FH580V BS16, FH580V CS16, FH580V DS16, FH580V ES16, FH580V AS17, FH580V BS17, FH580V CS17, FH580V DS17, FH580V ES17, FH580V CS18, FH580V DS18, FH580V ES18, FH580V AS20, FH580V BS20, FH580V CS20, FH580V DS20, FH580V ES20, FH580V FS20, FH580V GS20, FH580V HS20, FH580V JS20, FH580V AS21, FH580V BS21, FH580V CS21, FH580V DS21, FH580V ES21, FH580V FS21, FH580V GS21, FH580V HS21, FH580V JS21, FH580V AS22, FH580V BS22, FH580V CS22, FH580V DS22, FH580V ES22, FH580V FS22, FH580V GS22, FH580V HS22, FH580V JS22, FH580V AS23, FH580V BS23, FH580V CS23, FH580V DS23, FH580V ES23, FH580V FS23, FH580V GS23, FH580V HS23, FH580V JS23, FH580V AS24, FH580V BS24, FH580V CS24, FH580V DS24, FH580V ES24, FH580V FS24, FH580V GS24, FH580V HS24, FH580V JS24, FH580V

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