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Echo DSRM-2600U 56V Trimmer-Brushcutter with 5AH Battery & Rapid Charger

by echo

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Product Description:

The Echo DSRM-2600U 56V Trimmer/Brushcutter is a professional-grade, versatile tool designed for efficient and low-noise trimming and brush cutting. Whether you need to maintain your lawn or tackle tougher brush-clearing tasks, this trimmer/brushcutter offers outstanding performance and convenience.

Key Features:

  • Increased Torque: The DSRM-2600U is equipped with increased torque for superior cutting performance. It can handle a wide range of vegetation, making it suitable for various landscaping and yard maintenance tasks.

  • Speed-Feed® 400 Head: The trimmer features a Speed-Feed® 400 head that allows for quick and easy reloading of the trimmer line in seconds without the need for disassembly. This feature minimizes downtime and keeps you working efficiently.

  • Three Speed Settings: Enjoy ultimate power control with three speed settings. You can adjust the speed to match the specific task at hand, from lighter trimming to heavier brush cutting.

  • Blade-Ready: The unit is blade-ready, which means you can attach a blade (sold separately) for tackling more challenging brush-clearing jobs when needed.

  • 5.0Ah Battery and Rapid Charger: The package includes a 5.0Ah battery and a rapid charger, ensuring you have the power you need and reducing downtime between uses.

  • MAXOUT™ Battery Technology: Echo's MAXOUT™ battery technology ensures reliable and long-lasting power for your trimmer/brushcutter.

The Echo DSRM-2600U 56V Trimmer/Brushcutter is designed to meet the needs of landscaping professionals and homeowners alike. With its powerful performance, easy-to-reload trimmer head, and blade-ready capability, it's a versatile and valuable tool for maintaining your outdoor spaces.

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