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SKU 92171-2073
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This part is compatible with the following machines:

Kawasaki KBH27B-AS50 (HA027T) String Trimmer KBL23A-AS01 (HA023F) String Trimmer KBL23A-BS01 (HA023F) String Trimmer KBL23A-AS02 (HA023F) String Trimmer KBL23A-BS02 (HA023F) String Trimmer KBL26A-AS01 (HA026F) String Trimmer KBL26A-BS01 (HA026F) String Trimmer KBL26A-AS02 (HA026F) String Trimmer KBL26A-BS02 (HA026F) String Trimmer KBL27A-AS00 (A1) String Trimmer KBL27B-AS00 (A1) String Trimmer KBL27B-BS00 (A2) String Trimmer KBL27BC-AS01 (A1) String Trimmer KBL34A-AS01 (HA034F) String Trimmer KBL35A-AS00 (KBL350A)(A1) String Trimmer KBL35A-BS00 (KBL350A)(A2) String Trimmer KGT26AC-AS01 (A1) String Trimmer KGT27A-AS00 (A1) String Trimmer KGT27B-AS00 (A1) String Trimmer KGT27B-BS00 (A2) String Trimmer KGT35A-AS00 (A1) String Trimmer KGT35A-BS00 (A2) String Trimmer KGT35A-CS00 (A3) String Trimmer KTF27A-AS00 (A1) String Trimmer KTF27A-BS00 (A2) String Trimmer KTF27A-CS00 (A3) String Trimmer KTF27AC-AS01 (A1) String Trimmer KTR26AC-AS00 (A1) String Trimmer KTR26AC-BS00 (A2) String Trimmer KTR26AC-CS00 (A3) String Trimmer KTR27A-AS00 (A1) String Trimmer KTR27A-BS00 (A2) String Trimmer KTR27A-CS00 (A3) String Trimmer TE059D AG22 2 Stroke Engine TE059D BG22 2 Stroke Engine TEX45D AC51 2 Stroke Engine TEX45D AC54 2 Stroke Engine TEX45D AG20 2 Stroke Engine TF022D AF73 2 Stroke Engine TF022D BF73 2 Stroke Engine TF022D CF73 2 Stroke Engine TF022D DL40 2 Stroke Engine TF022D ED05 2 Stroke Engine TF022D EL40 2 Stroke Engine TH023V AC55 2 Stroke Engine TH023V AS50 2 Stroke Engine TH026D AD06 2 Stroke Engine TH026D AF70 2 Stroke Engine TH034D AC57 2 Stroke Engine TH034D AC58 2 Stroke Engine TH034D AD05 2 Stroke Engine TH034D AF70 2 Stroke Engine TH034D AS50 2 Stroke Engine TJ027E AF30 2 Stroke Engine TJ027E AF70 2 Stroke Engine TJ027E AH30 2 Stroke Engine TJ027E AL40 2 Stroke Engine TJ027E BC00 2 Stroke Engine TJ027E BC01 2 Stroke Engine TJ027E BC50 2 Stroke Engine TJ027E BC51 2 Stroke Engine TJ027E BC52 2 Stroke Engine TJ027E BC54 2 Stroke Engine TJ027E BF30 2 Stroke Engine TJ027E BL40 2 Stroke Engine TJ027E CC50 2 Stroke Engine TJ027E CC52 2 Stroke Engine TJ027E CC54 2 Stroke Engine TJ027E DC50 2 Stroke Engine HE026A-AS01 Edger HE026A-AS00 Edger HE027A-AS01 Edger KEL27B-AS00 Edger KEL27BC-AS01 Edger KCL525A-A1 Hedge Clipper KCL525A-A2 Hedge Clipper KCL525AC-A1 Hedge Clipper KCL525AC-A2 Hedge Clipper KCL600A-AS00 Hedge Clipper KCS525A-A1 Hedge Clipper KCS525A-A2 Hedge Clipper KCS525AC-A1 Hedge Clipper KCS525AC-A2 Hedge Clipper KCS600A-AS00 Hedge Clipper KCL525A A1 Hedge Trimer KCL525A A2 Hedge Trimer KCL525AC A1 Hedge Trimer KCL525AC A2 Hedge Trimer KCL600A AS00 Hedge Trimer KCS525A A1 Hedge Trimer KCS525A A2 Hedge Trimer KCS525AC A1 Hedge Trimer KCS525AC A2 Hedge Trimer TEX54D AC55 2 Stroke Engine TEX54D BC55 2 Stroke Engine TEX45D AC63 2 Stroke Engine TEX45D DC63 2 Stroke Engine TEX45D EC63 2 Stroke Engine TJ027E AF00 2 Stroke Engine TJ027E BF00 2 Stroke Engine TJ027E CF00 2 Stroke Engine TJ027E DF00 2 Stroke Engine Parts TG028D CD04 2 Stroke Engine TG028D FD04 2 Stroke Engine TH034D AD09 2 Stroke Engine TH048D CJ80 2 Stroke Engine TH048D DJ80 2 Stroke Engine TH043D CJ80 2 Stroke Engine HG400A-AS02 Small Engine KRB750B Back Pack Leaf Blower KRB750B-A3 Back Pack Leaf Blower KRH300A Hand Held Commercial Leaf Blower KTFR27A Commercial String Trimmer KHD600A Hedge Trimmer KHD600A Hedge Trimmer KHT750S Gas Hedge Trimmer KHT750S Gas Hedge Trimmer KTF27B-A1 String Trimmer KRB650B Commercial Grade 2-Cycle Engine Blower KRH300A-A1 (KRH300A) Blower KRH300AC-A1 (KRH300AC) Blower KMS27A-A1 Multi-Task Series Power Unit KMS27A-A4 Multi-Task Series Power Unit KRB300A-A2 (KRB300A) Blower KRB300A-A1 (KRB300A) Blower KTFR27A-A1 (KTFR27A) String Trimmer KTFR27A-A2 (KTFR27A) String Trimmer KTFR27A-A3 (KTFR27A) String Trimmer KTFR27A-A4 (KTFR27A) String Trimmer KTFR27A-A5 (KTFR27A) String Trimmer KTR27A-A4 (KTR27A) String Trimmer KTR27A-A2 (KTR27A) String Trimmer KTR27A-A3 (KTR27A) String Trimmer KHT600S-A1 (KHT600S) Hedge Trimmer HB600B-AS00 (KHD600B) Hedge Trimmer KHT750S-A1 (KHT750S) Hedge Trimmer KTF27B-A4 (KTF27B) String Trimmer KTFR27A-B3 (KTFR27A) String Trimmer KHT600D-A1 (KHT600D) Hedge Trimmer KHT600D-A2 (KHT600D) Hedge Trimmer KHT600S-A2 (KHT600S) Hedge Trimmer KHT750D-A1 (KHT750D) Hedge Trimmer KHT750S-A2 (KHT750S) Hedge Trimmer KTF27B-A3 (KTF27B) String Trimmer KTF27A-A3 (KTF27A) String Trimmer KEL27B-A4 (KEL27B) Edger KTF27B-B3 (KTF27B) String Trimmer KHS1100B-A2 (KHS1100B) Hedge Trimmer KHS750B-A2 (KHS750B) Hedge Trimmer KGT27C-A7 (KGT27C) String Trimmer

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