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  • 36" Bobcat Construction / Industrial Bucket
    • Optional bucket on mini track loaders and small articulated loaders.
    • Ideal for everything from tough digging to material handling.
    • Construction and Industrial buckets offer fair cutting edge visibility and excellent bucket breakout force for better digging and easier bucket filling.
  • Breakout Force
    • Excellent power for bucket curling or tilting offers better digging and bucket filling.
  • Channel Design
    • Top and bottom bucket sections are a formed channel design to provide extra strength and durability.
  • Round Bucket Back
    • The back of Bobcat bucket is designed to withstand the extreme pushing, lifting, and dragging applied to it.
  • Distinctive Reinforced Bucket Bottom
    • The unique corrugated steel, waffle-plate design from edge to edge reinforces the cutting edge and adds 5x more strength to the bottom than a flat piece of steel.
    • The raised sections lead to less surface contact and less wear.
    • The rippled design repeatedly pulverizes soil to leave a smoother finish.
  • Cutting Edge
    • 3/4" x 6" of high carbon steel for exceptional life.
    • Fair visibility.
  • Bolt-on Options
    • Bobcat buckets have pre-drilled holes so you can easily add custom options like teeth and cutting edges using simple tools.
    • With other buckets, you must drill holes or permanently weld those options.
    • Bobcat buckets were designed with versatility in mind so that you can customize your bucket to your application.
  • Specifications
    • Width: 36"
    • Height: 19"
    • Length: 25"
    • Heaped Measurement: 4 cubic feet
    • Bucket Weight: 167 lbs.
    • Steel Grade: 50
    • Welded-On Cutting Edge: 3/4" x 6" high carbon steel
    • Pre-drilled Holes: 6
  • Model Compatibility
    • Mini Track Loaders: MT50, MT52, MT55, MT85, MT100
    • Small Articulated Loaders: L23, L28
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